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Little bottle of liquid gold: L’Oreal Extraordinary Re-Balancing Facial Oil

Hey lovelies!!

So its been a hot minute since I last posted but now I’m back (and I promise to make this a regular thing-if I don’t, someone slap me on the wrist please!)

Anyway, from one of my last (and old) posts, you would know that I was trying out Dr Manuka Brightening Facial Oil. I carried on using it up until March this year and I have to say it did make a difference to my skin. It was glowing and my scars did reduce considerably. Now I don’t mind so much if I don’t have makeup on because my skin does look a lot better. In fact, people started asking me if I had any makeup on when I didn’t (and that hasn’t happened in a long time!)

I have combination skin, my T-Zone gets oiler throughout the day (especially on warmer days) but the area under my eye and my jaw is a lot drier.

Although I loved the Dr Manuka oil, I thought it was time for a change (I’m a bit of a beauty butterfly-always like trying out new products). Having searched through my best friend Google, I came across top reviews for L’Oreal Extraordinary Re-Balancing Facial Oil and so I thought I’d give it a try.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Re-Balancing Facial Oil

L’Oreal Extraordinary Re-Balancing Facial Oil

According to the creators, “the oil supports your skin’s moisture balance, skin feels nourished without causing any greasiness.Pores appear tightened, leaving a more balanced looking complexion. Thanks to the delicate aromatic scent, a feeling of calm and comfort envelops your senses for a moment of true pleasure.”

Here are my first impressions of this little bottle of liquid of gold…

-The oil smells half way between a luxury spa and ginger…like really strong ginger. It’s not really a bad smell-in a strange way its kind of nice actually, but it may take some time getting used to. After a while, the smell does go and its all forgotten about. It would be good though to try a facial oil that actually smells like luxury oils.

-Its super moisturising! With the Dr. Manuka Brightening Oil, I found I had to mix it in with my moisturiser as it just didn’t soak into the drier areas of my face well enough…but, the L’Oreal Facial Oil sinks into my skin leaving it super soft without the need for a moisturiser. Yay!!

-I found the best way to apply it is by rubbing the oils in between my hands so it warms and then patting it into the skin. Rub it in the drier areas for extra absorption.

-The bottle is lush and would look amazing on any dressing table. I do actually prefer the colour scheme for the Age Perfect Oil (black and gold) but the metallic blue in the Re-Balancing oil is pretty.

-The main tester for me (and ultimately if I end up keeping it really) is if makeup goes on well after any moisturiser or oil. And yes, it goes on beautifully! After only a few days, my skin is smoother and I can’t emphasis enough how much better makeup goes on when your skin is smoother and moisturised. A lot of people ask me about my skin routine, and really its nothing fancy or lengthy…its just staying hydrated, washing my face twice a day and using thick moisturisers and oils. DISCLAIMER: I find this works best for me and really its trial and error finding what works for you. But I do suggest trying to find products that will keep your skin moisturised and smoother.

It’s only been a few days so I can’t really offer a full review but I will be back with an updated post once I’ve used it for longer and get a better feel for the oil.

Until then..Ciao bella! x


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